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The SMR Technologies Resources Center is a web-based library containing information on small modular reactor designs being developed in the United States and Internationally. The purpose of this website is to provide the SMR community with current, reliable, and consistent information on SMR technologies.

Information about specific SMR reactor technologies including peer-reviewed papers, presentations, fact sheets, reports, press releases and websites can be found under SMR Technologies. The SMR technologies are organzied first by the country that is developing the technology (either US or International) and then by reactor coolant type (e.g., light water reactor, liquid metal reactor, etc.).  

Information about SMR technologies published by agencies such as International Atomic Energy Agency and the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission can be found under Agencies. The information is organized by reactor technology (e.g., NuScale, PBMR, etc.).

General publications about SMR issues (e.g., economics of SMRs) can be found in the Reading Room.

Links to information about past and upcoming SMR conferences and workshops can be found under SMR Conferences/Workshops.

Information about NE Programs on SMRs can be found under NE Programs.

Information about SMR Legislation including potential congressional supporters, congressional testimony, reports to congress, and current bills can be found under Legislation


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